Cherry blossoms and memory of the birth

It's blooming! The cherry trees in the park near my place started blooming. The most beautiful and comfortable season in Tokyo is coming close.
My daughter was born on 3rd of April last year and I gave her a name Sakura which stands for cherry blossoms. On the way of coming back from the hospital where she was born, I saw very beautiful cherry trees in the park. That was when I decided to give her a name Sakura.
Looking at the cherry blossoms, I can clearly recall what I felt when I saw my daughter's face for the first time. I can clearly recall what I swore when I hold my daughter for the first time. One year have passed since my daughter's birth. The year full of change and full of events. After passing through these busy days, now cherry blossoms come and remind me of the fresh feelings what I felt last year. Again, it's blooming. It's blooming to congratulate my daughter's first birthday.

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Kazuteru Kodera