Life is made by Time

Time is the most difficult thing for us to handle. Time is the most fare thing for us because each person has 24 hours a day, no more, no less. However rich the person is, time is surely one thing he/she cannot purchase.
When we have plenty of time, we do not care about what to spend . In my high school years, or college years, time was everywhere. No need to take care of it. No need to think about it. Time is there, and more important thing was how to spend it.
When we have a lot of things to do, time becomes the most precious resource of our lives. Then prioritization comes into our lives. Which should be the first, and which should be the second, third, fourth..... Everything are put number on them and stand in lines before us.
The point here is, it is ourselves to decide which should be the first, second and so on. It is not other people to decide, nor it is not the thing which is ordered by someone else. It is ourselves.
We should be responsible for our decision and should take responsibility if the prioritization hurt someone. It is us, ourselves who only can decide what to do first.
Kazuteru Kodera