Business Planning Workshop

Today, I will facilitate "Business Planning Workshop" at a private school called "Kokorozashi-Juku" in Tokyo. This time, I will focus on the overview of business planning and try to make it easy to understand what is business plan and how it is created.
Business plan is crucial for both creating a new business and rebuilding the strategy of existing business.
When you try to create a new business, you must make other people understand what you are trying to realize through your business. Business, especially growth oriented business, can not be built without the supports from other people. Supports such as financial aspects, and people aspects.
One of the most important thing for the business planning process is "passion" of the person who is writing the plan. If he/she is not believing in his/her success and the value of the business, nobody would not support him/her. Not only entrepreneurs but also managers in the certain size of company need to be passionate for their plan. The passion would make their subordinates motivated and eager to contribute to the business.
Without passion, no business success can be achieved.
Kazuteru Kodera